AudiAnnotate is a project to publish and share annotations on audio files.

The following projects have been created on AudiAnnotate

The Kindergarten Teacher

Created by zillingworth

Margaret Atwood SpokenWeb Project

Created by bethanycayeradcliff

AudiAnnotate + HRC Lesson

Created by bethanycayeradcliff

Camille 1921

Created by jreinschmidt

SpokenWeb Project

Created by bethanycayeradcliff

Wild Geese

Created by hannahhopkins

Political Unrest In El Salvador

Created by llilasbenson

Irving Layton at SGWU

Created by jason-camlot

Indian Tales spoken

Created by digiLibrarian

SI test

Created by dmarcuswalker

SpokenWeb Tutorial Project

Created by cmiya

Workshop project

Created by AnasGhrab

Tryst with Destiny

Created by argentenum

sticky test 2

Created by saracarl