AudiAnnotate is a project to publish and share annotations on audio files.

The following projects have been created on AudiAnnotate

Furious Flower Poetry Center Transcriptions

Created by JMU-AudiAnnotate

I Know A Man: Prototype

Created by carpentersaw

The Kindergarten Teacher

Created by zillingworth

Camille 1921

Created by jreinschmidt

Margaret Atwood SpokenWeb Project

Created by bethanycayeradcliff

AudiAnnotate + HRC Lesson

Created by bethanycayeradcliff

Indian Tales spoken

Created by digiLibrarian

Political Unrest In El Salvador

Created by llilasbenson

Wild Geese

Created by hannahhopkins

ACH Tallman Case

Created by jason-camlot

Racism in the United States

Created by bethanycayeradcliff

Anna's Test - AudiAnnotate

Created by annakijas1


Created by JoannaBy

Testing Things

Created by kywark